You won’t believe who is getting their eyes done by Lusodoon


Koter is a planet with amazing beaches and zero stress levels. It is quiet and gorgeous I traveled there last month and was surprised by how empty that heaven is. I guess these sea lions felt the same, so they were enjoying the zero human pollution and the amazing sand. I hope things won’t change, when more and more of us find out about it. Earth was once pretty amazing as well.


Lusodoon is well known with her natural looking makeup, so they were enjoying that too. I had to leave, so there was no time for my natural makeup to be done, but look at these cuties.


I left Koter with many, many pics of the sea lions, because only they allowed to make some pictures. It was not easy to persuade Lusodoon to take her pic, but she is so cute to us earthlings, I had to. The bazindras from Treiha (another amazing planet, but visas for it are almost impossible to get) were very much against it. They are pretty awesome fellas otherwise, party people with funky music and great moves.

Sweet times.


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