Whovians will appreciate the Weeping Angel dog

Fun Facts: SinSin has this interesting dog breed in their Zoo – the Weeping Angel Dog.

It is not known if the dog got its name after the famous Weeping Angels. Licked to death might sound cute, but nevertheless it is very dangerous as the dog is sucking out your energy with its tongue.

Not many of these dogs are left in the wild. Originally they come from a planet, that belongs to the Cardassian union. The Cardassians killed most of them after realizing how dangerous they are. They agreed to send a few to the SinSin zoo, where a strong energy field is keeping them from harming others.

The 11th Dr. Who visits the zoo to see them, from time to time as they remind him of the Weeping Angels, but of course they are dogs. Who can resist dogs.. I mean, Who can’t resist dogs… Anyway…

Rick Sanchez is not allowed to visit the Weeping Angel dogs anymore. The zoo refuses to give more information about it at this moment.

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