“Who’s mama’s handsome boy” Shang and his new family

This guy was left to die on the streets of Almost New New York, because he was ugly. Thankfully he found his new family and they think he is the cutest thing ever. No one pays attention to the poor, hungry little thing for hours, running between the cars on the busiest street under that dome. Eventually Shang hides under a Moon Range Rover. The owner of the Rover allegedly parked there just for a second, to buy Moon Cheese Puffs, rock and diet Soda, which saves the fluffy boy’s life. Him trying to eat one of the cheese puffs that fell on the ground, but apparently looked so funny while trying to bite with his huge teeth, that a crowd gathered. People making holopics, laughing.. Sad picture, but this is how his new mom found him and took him home.

They have a few other animals, that are considered tricky on the eye and or the fingers. One of them is a Chihuahua from Earth, another one is the Nut Loving Spider. The family say they love all of them just the same.


Thankfully there are some cool people on the Moon.

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