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What to do, when your Oprah won’t budge when walk time is over

In a case like this, you should work on teaching your Oprah, that coming to you is the best thing in the world for her. Remember, Oprahs will always do what pays off best for them. All we have to do is to convince her, that coming inside IS the best thing. And to do so, we need to motivate her more, and figure out what his Gold Medal, or currency is.

It appears that your Oprah has learned that once you get to that spot, right in front of your building, right before the corner, that this signals the end of her marvelous walk and it’s time to go back inside. While we may want to go back into the house, Oprahs usually don’t agree… and who could blame her? The outdoors are much more fun, with lots to sniff, lots to see, lots to hear, many humans and doggy friends to meet, and lots of fun romp time! I wouldn’t want to stop that either!


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