Totally babmboozled again! How to pretend not to escape tree prison

The footage was taken in Chengdu, China, by photographer Andy Rouse


The clip shows the fluffy genius pretending to wiggle around the branches and faking trying to pull itself onto a ledge, before eventually they gave up filming and his friends rescued it from the tree.


‘Photography gives me an excuse to spend time close to what I love, and gives me money to pay the taxman,’ said Andy on his website. More like an excuse to to make money from animals in prison.
‘I am a well-known animal hugger and aviation nutcase. I would do both if I weren’t a photographer, as for me it’s the experience and the relationship I have with my subject that defines my work.”I have seen so many changes over the years and I just get frustrated that efforts to do something about it seem to take forever. We haven’t got forever,’ added Andy.

He was not keen on explaining, why he left the animal hand there. If he thought the panda is struggling, why did he do nothing to help. He is either a nutcase of a different sort or he intended to help his friends rescue it and we can of course support the latter case.

If you have any information of his real intentions, please, don’t be she to contact us. Truth is everything.
(story “enhanced” for comic effect. Real story source DailyMail )


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