Sir, are you aware, that you are a cat? Cracks me up every time…


Hola, guys! This is.. let’s say Wilbert.. I don’t really know his name (and yes, I kinda assumed his gender), but I am into Hot In Cleveland these days, again, hoping to see more funny episodes, but at season 4 it kinda dries out. Anyway, I know Wilbert’s interview is very old and very well known, but it still gets me, it is so perfectly funny.

FUN FACT: All jokes aside, cat’s brain is way more complicated, than a dog brain. Obviously it is very important how you use it. According to scientists the surface folding and structure of their brains is 90% similar to ours. Now, as much as love cats (love dogs too, they are amazing, but I am too lazy to be a dog person) dogs do seem to be smarter than them. Even research says that, but cats part part of the brain responsible for cognitive ‘data’ processing is more complex and they have almost double the count of neurons as dogs and they still pretend to be dumb, when you tell them not to knock off that glass. Probably undercover geniuses, making us take care of them like babies. Sneaky, little, awesome bastards.

By the way, the fastest supercomputer in 2010 was 83 times slower than some Wilbert’s brain and they still can’t recognize themselves in the mirror. Go figure what they actually use it for.


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