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Rick Sanchez having a good time at the Texas floods, bad taste or good fun?

Do you remember the angry cat from the floods in Texas? Well, we have some more information on that story and our information is that part of that information was hidden from us by the media and some amazing photoshop experts. That cat is obviously very angry, but real reason will amaze you. It is angry, because someone decided to use it as a ride. Yup, cats ride things, no one rides cats just like that.

That someone was no other than the legendary Rick Sanchez, no doubt drunk as always. He apparently decided to join the festivities in Texas, as he calls them. After turning himself into a Pickle Rick, obviously it was not a big problem to miniaturize himself into Mini Rick (should not be confused with Tiny Rick, where he was just a younger version of himself).

Of course the PC media on Earth did not want you too see this, it is not part of their agenda to see, that the flood was actually orchestrated by the country’s owners. What are their exact reasons, we don’t know. But clearly whatever doesn’t correspond with their propaganda plan to keep everyone in terror and blind for the truth, is being hidden by the media. Trump is right about at least one thing – fake news.

Honestly, I think they went a bit far this time. Messing with Rick is always a bad idea. We are very curious, how is he going to react to this gross misrepresentation of the facts.. If he remembers any of it, of course.


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