Is the truth about the pig saving a baby goat on Earth a big secret

People from Earth love their sensational stories more than any truth. Truth is rare there, but is still considered boring and annoying. They make reality shows, that are actually fairly scripted and not real. They make movies and tv series, where they really go nuts with their fantasies. (some of them are truly awesome) They are the masters of deception.

So what melted my heart and at the same time made me that angry? There was a heart warming story about a big hero in the face of a brave pig and a cute, crying, baby goat, that would tear up your heart at first, feeling sorry for the poor goat, cursing the man shooting and doing nothing apart from yelling to a pig. After all that emotional turmoil the pig will warm up your heart and brighten your day, possibly giving a meaning to your whole life by saving the baby from the water.

This is practically a short movie all by itself and it is completely fake. There are a few more videos with behind the scenes footage and you can see it is not a small project.

I feel emotionally exhausted and deceived. It is hard for me to admit, but I am from Earth.. yes, I am. Some of the things we do are infinitely entertaining, but sometimes you really do understand why crime on Earth is so high.

So, no, the story is really cute, but fake and not even a secret. Just a cruel Earth experiment with our hearts. Sorry for bringing your adrenaline levels up. If you have real, cute stories, please share.


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