Fans not good enough for d-list celebrity Bojack Horseman.

After the premier of the 4th season of his show, Bojack Horseman looked fairly weird. Some would say.. happy, but for those of us who follow him more closely it looks like a fake happy. No doubt his producers are trying to make him less of a downer.

The illusion did not last long after he found out a playful horse, who was not even a girl horse, photobombed his selfie. Reportedly he was quite angry and even able to contain his it. “For some reason regular people are under the impression, that it is fun to ruin celebrities photos. It is not.”

Let’s hope this season’s ratings doesn’t get him knocked off his high horse (pun intended). We know what happens with self destructing “stars” like him.

We had to make this funny meme. Thank you Bojack.. for making us laugh, no matter what!


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