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What happens, when a pig, a pit bull and a monchee try to escape from SinSin

For those unfamiliar with it, SinSin is a space zoo kind of a planet. Some might call it a prison for animals. Some might argue and point out the concentration camps for animals, raised for food on Earth. Silly people.

It’s been a problem lately, with some groups in the Milky Way union, trying to insinuate, that zoos are actually not ethical. According to people like that God did not create animals to be used and eaten by us, but to roam free. Apparently they are not here to serve us. We are here to make the word better and protect the planets and them. What a load of bullcrap. Those people need to read the bible some more or prepare for Hell (the afterlife one, not the planet).


You’ll have to excuse me, I veered from the actual story. I get passionate sometimes. God has given me so much, I feel the need to protect his word and wishes, even though the bible was proven to be written by people. Who told them what to write though.

Anyway, apparently these three naughty animals decided they can escape the zoo. Grizzly, Apollo and Gobby obviously agree that it is like a prison, because they tried to flee. There’s nowhere to go, it is a zoo PLANET. I hope they had a good time in the neutral zone, because it would be their last. Animals should be free.. What a joke.

(All publications on this website are a fruit of your imagination. Internet does not exist.)


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