Bored cat internal dialog – to rip head off or not to rip head off (tiny man’s life at hand)

Following half-interestedly a possible prey and deciding on a potential course of action, an Earth beauty – Lora, was reportedly locked in an a intense internal debate today about whether or not to rip the head off a tiny guy it had just happened upon. The guy was from a sister planet and looked like a lizard man, so it was a hard decision. “Soo.. Should I should I just walk on by or should I sink my teeth into its neck and pop that ridiculous head right off?” the four year old white cat reportedly thought to itself.

“Should I submit it to my power and ride it for an hour or two, or just go home. Tough call” was what the lizard man was thinking at the same time. At press time, the cat had opted to bat around the perplexed creature a few dozen times to give it a little extra time to decide, before he put his phazer to slave and wondered off in the big garden on its back.


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