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Abandoned Cerberus pupper is unrecognizable two weeks later

This is Max. He was found malnourished, dirty and alone-ish next to a trash can. Someone probably decided they can’t handle a Cerberus dog anymore. This is why I’ve always been against bringing dogs from other planets. Hell is these pups’ home planet and people there have very strict rules about animals, but here on Earth it is still a different story.

Max’s new mom took him in and gave him food and water, but he was not getting better, so she took him to the vet. Supposedly there are not many differences with Earth dogs, but the was not able to find the problem, so there was little hope.

His mommy did not give up and tried to keep him really warm and fed and a few days later the miracle happened. Max moved his noses up for the first time and by the end of the day even tried to stop a few sinners from entering the house.

Unfortunately we don’t have pics of him while sick, because you know, his mom was busy saving him. What is important is that now he is doing pretty well. Now he has a comfy bed next to the (what he thinks is the) main door and a great mom to give him thrice the belly rubs he needs.


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